Finished Pictures

Wow, this varnish takes it’s time but today I could get her outside and wipe her down.  Gave her a good looking over and I’m satisfied. Good looking boat Rob! I’m still going to give her some time before I climb inside to mount the foot pegs but that’s a small job – she’s done.

Now I just need to get her up there….always something eh?

Nice to have some pictures of her outside to send you.

Looks much better tan the last picture of her leaning on the truck.

This won’t last long.

See her smiling?

…Might even be winking at ya!

That’s your spot.

Hmm, I suppose I could have dusted in there.


Finished with the varnish!

Hi Rob,

I know it’s been a while but it’s all been sanding and varnishing – pretty boring stuff. The new varnish I used takes quite a while to cure. From what I can see in the shop she’s done but in a couple of days I should be able to move her out in the sun and get a good look.

Robin and I are going to put some graphics on and I’ll mount the foot pegs, then she’s finished! Going to take two or three weeks for the varnish to cure but if I feel good about moving her before then I’ll take her to the river and get some proper pictures for you.

Seems like a long build but considering the time lost to the weather I’m ok with it. Some things you just have to roll with. I will say there are no issues with your boat, She’s just as strong as she is good looking!

When I took this picture it was pouring outside and I thought about how wet it has been here this summer. She’s ready for some fresh air and sun.

Wish I could put the hatch on for a good picture but she’s still sticky. As soon as I can I’ll get better pictures posted.

I’ve been waiting for the varnish to cure….

Rob, the varnish is being a bit of a pain.

It seems even with the humidity under control this stuff cures slowly. I may have put it on too thick or rushed the coats, moving on now.

I found this article online about Richmond and the James River and thought you would like it: Richmond  Seems to me you have plenty of places to paddle and a good bunch of folks on the water there.

Back to your boat. I have her upside down and the varnish I put on last night is curing, first of three coats and I hope to get two more on today.  The bottom paint went well, dry but still curing. Once cured I’ll wax it and she’ll be slick as snot!  So we’re looking at a couple of days before I can roll her over again and put the final coat of varnish on the deck. Your foot pegs came too, they’re a breeze to put on and then it’s done.  Holy cow, we’re almost finished!

Three solid coats of paint. I like the way the white sets off the wood tones of the boat. It can be a chore to keep clean but hey, that’s your job!

First coat of varnish on the sides. Seems the varnish never ends. Two more coats here then the final coat on the deck. At least I won’t have to wait for the cure to flip her this time, the paint will be hard enough for her to sit on.


Finally – Some Varnish

More sanding yesterday Rob.

Have a good base for the varnish now and am moving ahead. I’m trying a new brand of varnish (Rustoleum) on this one, so far I like it but it’s very thin. I’m thinking this will take five coats. I’ll do the deck first then flip her and do the hull.  I sanded off the epoxy I had on the hatch cover that fogged up on me and did it over, looks good now and I took a picture of the deck with it on. Nice to see the back deck without a big hole in it.

Your foot pegs came yesterday. Think I’ll put them on last, not too far away from it now.

The coaming looks good after sanding and some varnish, very happy with it. I accidentally found a rough spot in the cockpit (ow!) and sanded it again too. Looks rough in there now but don’t worry – another coat of epoxy on the way.

I should be able to get three coats of varnish on today then sand tomorrow evening and put the final coat on after I do the hull. That’s the plan, weather looks good for it too.

The sanding never ends! Seems a shame to do this to something so shiny.

It does pay off though, a few more coats then more sanding then the last coat of varnish.

Here’s the rear deck with the hatch on. Looks so much nicer!

Cockpit and final epoxy complete

Whew, hot day yesterday.

All went well and the cockpit is finished, well a little more sanding but there’s always a little more sanding on a wood boat. You may never use it but the lip around the cockpit is to attach a skirt to help keep water out.  It also adds some stiffness to the deck. She’s very solid now. Come to think of it she’s structurally complete and ready for the water!

There are a couple things to do that will keep her strong and pretty though, lemme splain… The epoxy that holds your boat together will break down after a long time in the sun so I’m going to put varnish on it. The varnish is a filter that keeps the ultraviolet rays from the sun away from the epoxy. Looks nice too.

Also the bottom of the boat is going to get a lot of wear and tear. I’m going to add some extra fiberglass in a few spots and paint it. Hey while we’re talking about this I need to say something – don’t worry too much about the bottom. It won’t look as good as the top and it shouldn’t.  Now don’t get me wrong here you shouldn’t drop her on rocks or drag her around, but don’t turn down a paddle trip because of a rock or two in the water. We can fix and repaint the bottom in a weekend, EZPZ.

It may be a couple days for another post, the new epoxy needs to cure a bit before I can sand, varnish and paint.

Here’s the cockpit coaming. Still have a little sanding but this is pretty much done.

Had to do a little sanding before the epoxy.

You may be thinking that it looked better before I fixed it, trust me….

Better? Still more sanding before the varnish. She’ll be smoking!

Told ya!

Cockpit coaming is on, last of the woodwork

Hey Rob,

The last piece of wood is on the boat. I took a break over the holiday weekend and Robin and I paddled. The last time we were on the water was before the Poland trip so we needed it. I cut these pieces out on Friday – the day of the blue moon and got around to the assembly yesterday.  I should be able to unclamp her today and add a fillet around the inside of the coaming, then start on the finish.  With any luck the next post will have some pictures of a shiny finish coat of epoxy.

No more sawdust, it’s all brushes and rollers from here on.

That’s a lot of boat, eat your veggies!

Wow – That was fast.

The dehumidifier was a good idea. Three coats of epoxy in 24 hours….with rain outside. Wish I’d thought of that sooner. I was thinking earlier in the shop that we’ve had two tropical storms and one hurricane since I started your boat. Maybe I need to finish her soon.

Going to give the epoxy a chance to cure and then roll her over and finish the cockpit. After that it’s all about paint and pretty – we’re on the downhill side now!

Same as the deck we have three coats here to fill the cloth. It just went faster. The bottom of the hull will be painted, seems wrong to paint something that pretty but there’s a lot of scratches, bumps and dings waiting for you out there. Much easier to touch – up the paint.

Very graceful lines.