Hi Rob,

I know it’s been a while but it’s all been sanding and varnishing – pretty boring stuff. The new varnish I used takes quite a while to cure. From what I can see in the shop she’s done but in a couple of days I should be able to move her out in the sun and get a good look.

Robin and I are going to put some graphics on and I’ll mount the foot pegs, then she’s finished! Going to take two or three weeks for the varnish to cure but if I feel good about moving her before then I’ll take her to the river and get some proper pictures for you.

Seems like a long build but considering the time lost to the weather I’m ok with it. Some things you just have to roll with. I will say there are no issues with your boat, She’s just as strong as she is good looking!

When I took this picture it was pouring outside and I thought about how wet it has been here this summer. She’s ready for some fresh air and sun.

Wish I could put the hatch on for a good picture but she’s still sticky. As soon as I can I’ll get better pictures posted.