Rob, the varnish is being a bit of a pain.

It seems even with the humidity under control this stuff cures slowly. I may have put it on too thick or rushed the coats, moving on now.

I found this article online about Richmond and the James River and thought you would like it: Richmond  Seems to me you have plenty of places to paddle and a good bunch of folks on the water there.

Back to your boat. I have her upside down and the varnish I put on last night is curing, first of three coats and I hope to get two more on today.  The bottom paint went well, dry but still curing. Once cured I’ll wax it and she’ll be slick as snot!  So we’re looking at a couple of days before I can roll her over again and put the final coat of varnish on the deck. Your foot pegs came too, they’re a breeze to put on and then it’s done.  Holy cow, we’re almost finished!

Three solid coats of paint. I like the way the white sets off the wood tones of the boat. It can be a chore to keep clean but hey, that’s your job!

First coat of varnish on the sides. Seems the varnish never ends. Two more coats here then the final coat on the deck. At least I won’t have to wait for the cure to flip her this time, the paint will be hard enough for her to sit on.