More sanding yesterday Rob.

Have a good base for the varnish now and am moving ahead. I’m trying a new brand of varnish (Rustoleum) on this one, so far I like it but it’s very thin. I’m thinking this will take five coats. I’ll do the deck first then flip her and do the hull.  I sanded off the epoxy I had on the hatch cover that fogged up on me and did it over, looks good now and I took a picture of the deck with it on. Nice to see the back deck without a big hole in it.

Your foot pegs came yesterday. Think I’ll put them on last, not too far away from it now.

The coaming looks good after sanding and some varnish, very happy with it. I accidentally found a rough spot in the cockpit (ow!) and sanded it again too. Looks rough in there now but don’t worry – another coat of epoxy on the way.

I should be able to get three coats of varnish on today then sand tomorrow evening and put the final coat on after I do the hull. That’s the plan, weather looks good for it too.

The sanding never ends! Seems a shame to do this to something so shiny.

It does pay off though, a few more coats then more sanding then the last coat of varnish.

Here’s the rear deck with the hatch on. Looks so much nicer!