Whew, hot day yesterday.

All went well and the cockpit is finished, well a little more sanding but there’s always a little more sanding on a wood boat. You may never use it but the lip around the cockpit is to attach a skirt to help keep water out.  It also adds some stiffness to the deck. She’s very solid now. Come to think of it she’s structurally complete and ready for the water!

There are a couple things to do that will keep her strong and pretty though, lemme splain… The epoxy that holds your boat together will break down after a long time in the sun so I’m going to put varnish on it. The varnish is a filter that keeps the ultraviolet rays from the sun away from the epoxy. Looks nice too.

Also the bottom of the boat is going to get a lot of wear and tear. I’m going to add some extra fiberglass in a few spots and paint it. Hey while we’re talking about this I need to say something – don’t worry too much about the bottom. It won’t look as good as the top and it shouldn’t.  Now don’t get me wrong here you shouldn’t drop her on rocks or drag her around, but don’t turn down a paddle trip because of a rock or two in the water. We can fix and repaint the bottom in a weekend, EZPZ.

It may be a couple days for another post, the new epoxy needs to cure a bit before I can sand, varnish and paint.

Here’s the cockpit coaming. Still have a little sanding but this is pretty much done.

Had to do a little sanding before the epoxy.

You may be thinking that it looked better before I fixed it, trust me….

Better? Still more sanding before the varnish. She’ll be smoking!

Told ya!