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Wow – That was fast.

The dehumidifier was a good idea. Three coats of epoxy in 24 hours….with rain outside. Wish I’d thought of that sooner. I was thinking earlier in the shop that we’ve had two tropical storms and one hurricane since I started your boat. Maybe I need to finish her soon.

Going to give the epoxy a chance to cure and then roll her over and finish the cockpit. After that it’s all about paint and pretty – we’re on the downhill side now!

Same as the deck we have three coats here to fill the cloth. It just went faster. The bottom of the hull will be painted, seems wrong to paint something that pretty but there’s a lot of scratches, bumps and dings waiting for you out there. Much easier to touch – up the paint.

Very graceful lines.


Hull Glassed

Hi Rob,

The dehumidifier works like a charm, 90° and 37% humidity in the shop.  The only problem is I can’t use the fan because the dust is more prone to kicking up and I don’t want it in your epoxy.  No big deal, nice to be able to work anytime I want.

I gave the hull a final sanding and wiped her down with alcohol. Next I laid out the fiberglass and spread epoxy, sure is fun to see the fiberglass disappear and the grain in the wood get highlighted. All went very well, she’s a good looking boat!

Next step will be two more coats of epoxy and then flip her over and finish the cockpit. I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

No more worries about foggy epoxy, this usually reads around 65%.

She’s patiently waiting for the epoxy. I really like this step – such a big difference coming soon!

Did I mention how pretty she is? Wowsers!

Yep, pretty back here too.

Let’s get back to work

OK, vacation’s over and time for some progress. I found a good deal on a dehumidifier for the shop and am excited about not having to work around the weather. Good timing with tropical storm Isaac bringing daily rains our way. I was experimenting with it last night and it seems to work very well but the warm air discharge heats the shop up a bit. Nothing without a price I suppose.

I have tinkered around a bit with the rope eyes and some polish work on the trunk release and the plan now is to roll her over and get some glass and epoxy on the hull. Then the ‘pretty’ goes on and she’s ready for play!

Here are some recent pictures and with any luck some big progress soon!

The underside of the hatch with second coat of epoxy. Very happy with the fit and operation.

This is the rough installation of a rope eye. Just a hollowed dowel attached to the boat.

Looks much better after a little sanding and epoxy. This is the first time I have put these in a boat and I like them a lot. Later there will be a rope handle here.

Trunk Release Installed

We got two days worth of rain yesterday! No complaints though, I have two good coats on the deck and she’ll be fine until drier weather.

I did get the hold downs for the hatch done – let’s call it the trunk release. I like this system because it’s simple and doesn’t require any holes in the deck or bungee cords. To open the hatch you pull a handle in the back of the cockpit and lift the hatch up. It’s fun too, people will ask you how you get in there.

This will be the last post for a few days. For the benefit of the people following this blog we have a family trip tomorrow and there won’t be any progress for a while. I’ll be back to posting progress as soon as possible and thanks for checking this out!

One end slides under the deck and the other receives a dowel that slides through the guide being clamped.

See the two loops of cord? The hatch will be tethered to the boat so it can’t get lost.

Here’s the other loop in case you missed it.

There will be a knob on the dowel here. Hope all that makes sense.
See ya tomorrow!

Some shine peeking through

Hey Rob,

This is strange – two days without any rain here. I’m loving it though, I was able to get the second coat of epoxy on the deck. This is called the second ‘filler coat’ because it usually takes three coats to fill the weave in the fiberglass cloth and make it smooth. You might want to go back and look at those pictures I posted yesterday again because these are better than yesterday but still not that pretty. She’s getting better looking every day.

I think she’s smiling at you!

Much better than yesterday.

Have to make this end pretty…this is what the other paddlers will be looking at….’cause she’s fast!

You should be able to see the difference from yesterday. Much more of the fabric filled but still room for more epoxy.

Figerglass on the deck

This is the first day in a week we didn’t have rain. I was planning on letting her sit for a while and wait for better weather but everything looked good this evening so…

Taped her up so the epoxy wouldn’t drip down the sides.

Laid out the fiberglass, nice and smooth.

When the epoxy gets into the fiberglass it turns clear. Now you can see what she’ll look like.

Looks good from back here too.

A quick trim before the epoxy gets fully cured and there she is.

This is the fiberglass cloth with the epoxy in it. Don’t worry about it not being shiny, after a couple more coats of epoxy the cloth will be covered and she’ll shine like a star!

Bulkhead finished and hatch assembled

Hi Rob,

That piece of wood between the cockpit and the storage area is called a bulkhead.Yesterday I fiberglass-ed it to the top of the boat making the boat much stronger and sealing the rear compartment. I also put in the parts for the hatch, they’re a bit rough now but will look good later.

Looks like the weather is going to put this on hold for a bit, the next step is the fiberglass on the hull and deck and it’s much too humid for that now.  I’ll be tinkering and sanding on her and try to post something but don’t get excited yet, it may be a while…

Overall I have to say she has been a breeze to build, very co-operative boat. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the water with her!

You can see the colors coming together.

Not sure if you can see the ‘fog’ in the hatch cover shine, that’s what the humidity does to the epoxy. I’ll have to sand that and re-do it, not a big problem here but if the whole boat was like that…hard fix. Better to wait for drier weather.