Folks this is my nephew Rob. Awesome young man with a love of sports and the outdoors. I took this picture during a camping trip at the Okefenokee Swamp a few years ago.  We canoed through the swamp with Matt (his dad) in front Myself in the rear and Rob in center sitting on gear. I wish I had a dollar for every time my paddle hit him in the head on that trip, could have bought him a boat instead of building one!  Rob, thanks for never bringing that up even though I deserved it.

This blog is to document the build and let Rob check in on the progress I’m making on his boat. It may also ease my guilt for a birthday present so late in the giving. I tell ya Rob, she may be late but she’ll be proper and pretty!

The boat is a 12 foot Wood Duck built from plans by Chesapeake Light Craft. Materials are Okume and Sapele with epoxy and fiberglass inside and out. She will weigh less than 40 pounds and carry 350.  These kayaks are stable, comfortable and tough as nails.